By: Dr. Asiya Shakir

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has left our most vulnerable families without essentials like their specialty formulas. We have heard stories about naked formula shelves at superstores and others of desperate price gouging.

Our pediatric gastroenterology team is here to help you:

  1. Avoid panic buying: with the unknown nature of how long the social-distancing mandate will last, it may be tempting to buy more formula than your child needs for the week. However, this action dwindles national supply and leaves other at-risk families with no formula at all.
  2. Know your resources: your pediatrician or our office may have formula samples that may help tide you over until store supplies are replenished.
    • Our office may also be able to connect you directly with formula manufacturers for formula delivery to your homes. Give us a call.
    • If your child is close to 1 year of age, we may be able to transition her to cow’s milk early. Introducing iron-rich foods like eggs, beans, and spinach is essential for a smooth earlier transition. Be sure to set up a virtual health visit for us to do this in a safe manner
  3. Do NOT dilute formula: formula dilution by mixing extra water can cause electrolyte disturbances leading to neurological and renal injuries. If you child is on a calorically dense formula, give us a call and set up a virtual visit, so we can consider other options to provide calories to your child.

About Dr. Asiya Shakir

Asiya Shakir, MD is a board certified pediatric gastroenterologist with Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates’ pediatric and adolescent division. She sees patients in Sandy Springs and Stockbridge.

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